The Agency

by The Agency

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More to come..... Here's a little sneak peak.


released 01 April 2014
All songs by Mike, Chris, and jjjjj

Mike- Guitar, pedals
Chris- Drums
jjjjj- Bass, vox, keys



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Holding on to hope
They march along oblivious
Pre calculated emotions
Ask them if they feel the cold program life provided
Let binary be your choice

Tomorrow- The ugly pain
Every day's the same
Sadness grips my heart
I cannot live this way
So call me a criminal
But my cuffed hands are clean

Obedience swallowed as virtue
there exists love only in dreams
I never agreed to this arrangement
Do as they say and nobody gets hurt
...except for those you willingly afford to die

The last bastion of comfort
Freedom or security
Moral dilemma
Humanity versus a convenience store

Do you support your convictions
Or will you sell them just to live to see
Another day in chains...

Say what you need to say
How does it feel to live this way?
Track Name: As it's rising in the east
Always the same story
tried to make due
all the lines so cheap

Always, you can see through
now if I'd stayed a little longer

How much is this time really worth?
I'm ripping the feathers from this bird that won't stop repeating

each and every lie
to dig away

At the top the cold seems almost nonexistent
denial of control
to recognize the scope
getting smaller with each thought
attaining unity
spiral infinitely

Now ask me just what it is
maybe, you'll get an answer
if I'm feeling cooperative
but what is it worth
if nothing ever changes?

We've been here so many times
can't count the mistakes
on one million hands
how blind have we become?

Asleep for ages

we're not gonna take it easy while you're dreaming of waking

If the sun should rise tomorrow
how lucky will we be ?
In the shadows of misfortune
where they hang you out to dry

left alone to listen
acceptance of all that is

we take each day as it comes
and laugh as they lose control