Death before delusion

by cats don't have souls

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Death before delusion are the 16th and 17th Cats albums, as well, the final chapter in an 8 year adventure in creating dreamy, punky, metallic and experimental rock. The writing for this album began sometime after Trainwreck was released in 2013, and was finally completed this morning... May 5th, 2014. I had planned for a 4/20 release date, but due to laziness on my part, I ended up wrapping everything up today.... Which coincidentally is like the mexican 4/20. How ironic, and unplanned.

What you are hearing on this record is my attempt to bid a farewell to something that has been very dear to me for a very long time. It is time to move on. Thanks so much for listening.


released 02 January 2014

All songs written by j. Sebastiano, except My dingaling... which is an urban folksong that originated in NYC sometime in the mid to late 80's

J. Sebastiano- vocals, guitar. Bass, drums, piano, synths, production, mixing mastering.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Unscathed
Speeding down a grey spiraling highway
clinging on I hear the voices inside say
I just sold them my soul
and a shiny black car pulls up next to me

thought I'd off myself and go with a smile
but suicide just ain't my style
so I guess I'll stay a little while
just wish it didn't feel like a murder trial

you know sometimes we outlast our use
and you know we really could use some kind of truce
but if I can dig myself out of this shallow grave
I'll be surprised if I could keep myself unscathed


I've been thinking about the words that I say
my friend i tell ya I found a better way
it's not something that just came to my mind
Ya never quite know what you'll leave behind

So once again down that twisted road
where it leads, you never know
where is home, if this is it
I could use a rest but there ain't no time to sit

sometimes you know we outlast our use
and we really could use some kind of truce
but if I could dig myself out of this shallow grave
I'd be surprised if I can keep myself unscathed

And we'll wash away all our fears
in the sunlight that never shines
unseen but still so present
as if nothing ever died at all
is anything permanent?
and if it lasts, can you hold it up?
there's always meaning if you can try to wish away all the pain and sing
while all the lies die

holding on as tight as we can
somethings just remain to be seen
but then again we're still here
something's gotta give....

when you stay here
don't expect it to ever come back
Track Name: The only good cop
I've got no reverence
No time time for faith in what you claim
I will not recognize your lies as truths
far from legitimacy, just bullshit and deception

fuck you pig boot licker
insidious waste of trash
you violent piece of shit
The only good cop is at the end of my dick

choking on me

how do you live with yourself?
how the fuck do you sleep at night?
I ain't afraid of no badge or a gun
how tall you stand when you're armed to the teeth
you mindless piece of shit
faggot. suck my cock.
you neither serve, nor protect

lying, raping, killing
you ain't doing us no favors
be a good piggy
get on your knees and suck my dick

in your path of destruction
you victimize and leave behind emotional wrecks
just think of all the lies you have destroyed
you fascist piece of nazi shit

time to work for those tax dollars
get down on your knees and open wide.
Track Name: Shit and hot air
damn it to hell
you god damn faker
primping and posing
like anyone would ever believe your shit?
I'll break a bottle over your face and feel vaguely better about everything my friend.

how does it feel to be a waste of life?
down on your luck, nobody gives a fuck, take a good look at yourself.

New noise to clear the air
don't look the other way and expect anyone to give a flying care
if it ain't broken, stop trying to break with what you built up in your head

But if truth is so obvious than you don't need me to tell you
about all your flaws...
envious eyes, jealousy and pipe dreams
drinking from the toilet of ego

overflowing with shit and hot air.

I'm surprised you have any teeth left after you've lied through them so much
Nobodies willing to believe your shit anymore, so feel free to pick yourself up by the balls out of that puddle of puke you got there on the floor... You're starting to look pathetic. The people are watching.
Everybody is watching, and they're all laughing at you. What... You wanna kill yourself? Go ahead. I'm not gonna try to stop you.. Don't be a pussy. Just put the gun in your mouth...

Gonna flush you away like the piece of shit you are.

Die in irrelevance.
Track Name: My dingaling
I was walking down the hall
Scratching my ball
but my dick got got in the elevator door

My mama screamed
My dick turned green
and that's the end of my dingalingaling