Irreparable damage

by cats don't have souls



released January 1, 2015



all rights reserved


cats don't have souls Albany, New York

Cats don’t have souls started off as a minimalist deathrock duo and polluted itself into a drunken and deranged sound experimental prog obsessed entity with a personality disorder. Please be considerate of others and don't play this too loud.

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Track Name: Irreparable damage
terror clown I've lived so many these days forgetting nowhere to run scream the neck is broken security is a dream faded out lost concussion i am still breathing conscious conscience withered away figured it would last forever now the screams silence shrouded damaged thrown away disfigured memories curled up in the dark hoping for an exit the door swings open in whatever direction left up to decide now you learn to regret to forgive gone away irreparable hanging by a thread salvage what's left nothing is left is anything left