by cats don't have souls

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Trainwreck is a rock opera following the exploits of a young man who leaves home in search of some sticky icky bud. What he finds is something beyond his wildest dreams...


released August 2, 2013

Trainwreck written, performed, produced, engineered and mixed by j. Sebastiano, July-August 2013



all rights reserved


cats don't have souls Albany, New York

Cats don’t have souls started off as a minimalist deathrock duo and polluted itself into a drunken and deranged sound experimental prog obsessed entity with a personality disorder. Please be considerate of others and don't play this too loud.

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Track Name: I. Prelude/ II. Dry spell
Dry spell

This town is dry
we really need to fly
get a little closer but no matter how I try
There's no plant to buy
looking everywhere
nothing, I sigh

Searched high and low
above and below
but something's gone wrong it seems
what used to be so green has turned brown
like dying leaves from autumn trees

I called everyone I could think of
but everybody just said the same thing
if there's really no magic to believe in
it's really not worth sitting here

All I wanted was something I could believe in
but it seems I'll be packing up my things and leaving

The bowl is half empty but the door is wide open
the pessimist has spoken, but he really should be toking.
tell my friends and family I'll miss them
as soon as I can score a lid I'll be back again
this is something that I think you know I have to do
I'll be back in time my love, you know my word is true

You can smoke what's left of that
Don't save it for me, it's my gift to you

I'm leaving today
put aside the worries
don't wait up for me
I can't say when I'll return, but when I do
We'll burn
Track Name: III. City of Apathy IV. Herb of the gods
City of apathy

Far away in an unfamiliar place
in my head, visions of your face
I won't let down this task before me
I've come to find salvation

I spotted a guy hawking newports
Do you have what I need?
What are you looking for?
Get lost or I'll kill your sorry ass white boy
people can be so cold

the air is cold
the strangers walk along grey stained concrete
stepping over the homeless
no one seems to care
then in the distance just beyond the projects

I know what you want
you've come to the wrong place
your salvation lies just beyond that train station
get on the 2 head to the bronx
you'll find some dominicans there
they've got what you're looking for

Set a course northeast of brooklyn
deep underground and sea
I really wish this weirdo would stop drooling on me
headed for the heart of the jungle
head first into mystery

Do you have what I need? Someone answer me!!
I always gots what you needs. Weed.
So into my sack, so many little sacks
this is some heavy shit, take heed
I appreciate the concern, but I'll just take one quick hit and be on my way...
Don't worry, I'm a professional.
I've been smoking since before I was born.

Herb of the gods

And a hazy mist consumed me
I choked and could not breathe
then surrounding me were colors
and the stars began to speak
I listened with my ears and soul
I dove into a big black hole
time had stopped
the world disappeared

and the gods spoke unto me:

Now everything is in it's right place, except that now you must learn to see
We will give you ancient wisdom, we will help to set your mind free
Buckle up this is going to be a hell of a ride
Can you handle your destiny?
Do you know what you really are?...

I am you and you are me, and all is one and one is we.
Track Name: V. The secret of life
The universe opened up to me
all secrets revealed
Seeing things I never thought I'd see

The beginning and end
infinite consciousness
the mathematics of life
Pi and Phi dance in harmony

The reasons that we're here
becoming all so clear
infinity has split personalities
one with the sun and everything is one
the universe will conspire to make your will be done

And the Gods will always bicker
until the fun runs out
life expands inside and out
as dark as it gets, there's never any reason to doubt

Live in love and light
the clouds suddenly part
for you are all brothers and sisters
and the sun shone down on me

Nothing is for nothing
and this life is just a dream
and the world was full of wonder
but I've seen all there is to see

Everything is perfect
there's no more mystery
the chains are finally broken
I know what it means to be free

Nothing is for nothing
there's infinite possibilities
Track Name: VI. Chronic Amnesia VII. Flower of life
The sleep is still in my red eyes
the dream has left my head
I had something amazing to share with you
but somehow I forget....

We'll sit on the couch and watch cartoons
In a blueberry haze, we'll pass the days

I had something amazing to share with you
but I can't remember for shit
my love I bare gifts so green
so why don't you take yourself a hit?

In truths revealed we take these days we have
and live in love and light
the scent of kush carries into the quiet summer night

We know that love can not be wrong
so come now and hit this bong